Registration for Jr. High Guys Spring Break Trip (Pay deposit online)



Who: Jr. High Guys
What: Spring Break Trip
When: March 14-20, 2020
Where: Shepherd of the Ozarks (Harriet, AR)
Cost: Early bird rate $350 until January 12; late rate of $410 will begin on January 13

If you choose to pay the $125 deposit online there will be a $3 merchant fee added to the cost. 
Make note that if you choose this payment option, the remaining balance will need to be paid in person.

Are you a man? Are you in Junior High?  Well then the Manventure is for you! This year the junior high guys ministry is headed to northern Arkansas to spend the week at Shepherd of the Ozarks retreat center. There will be river tubing, paintball, spiritual growth, cave hikes, worship, crazy games and so much more. It is a week built specifically for Junior High guys. Don’t miss out on the Manventure of a lifetime! Sign up today.


Please read the important notes and dates below:

You will not have a spot on the trip until you have done all of the following:
These steps will all need to be completed prior to January 12 in order to keep the early bird rate.
Failure to complete the full registration process by January 12 will result in you needing to pay the late rate of $410.

  1. Complete the online registration form.
  2. Complete the online emergency information (check to be sure all information is current)
  3. Sign the online HSM waiver. (everyone will be required to have a newly signed release)
  4. Return the Shepherd of the Ozarks Waiver And Liability Agreement

When all these steps are completed you will receive an email from Jane Hillis confirming your child has a secure spot. If you do not get an email within 4 business days, send Jane Hillis an email ( to be sure you have completed all the necessary steps.

A packing list will be posted closer to the trip.

Boys will need to bring spending money for 2 two meals on the road

Make a note of these dates/deadlines:
January 12 - $350 Early bird rate ends
January 13 -$410 
Late rate begins
February 23 - Final payment is due
February 23- Last day to pay with a check
March 8 - Registration will close

Emergency Numbers:

Jeremiah Stauffer 330-207-2634
Shepherd of the Ozarks 870-448-3242

HSM Discipline Policy

We want to have a great trip!  To ensure that it is a great trip, we will also take proper action if students put themselves or others in harm's way.

*Parents will be called to come pick up the student is caught with…

  • Guns (or other weapons including fixed blade knives)
  • Drugs
  • Tobacco Products
  • Smoking Accessories (including Vapes)
  • Alcohol
  • Entering a cabin assigned to the opposite gender
  • Physically harming another student or leader
  • Leaving camp property without staff permission 

**Students will receive at-camp discipline if…

  • Roaming camp property in groups smaller than specified by staff (varies by trip)
  • Vandalizing (buses, property, equipment, etc.)
  • Bullying or pranking
  • Leaving designated camper areas at camp (ask if you are unsure)
  • Being disrespectful to leaders 

Items that should not be on the trip and will be confiscated…

  • Laser pointer
  • Folding pocket knife
  • Energy drinks
  • Inappropriate or vulgar clothing or items 

* If a student commits one of these infractions on the last 24 hours of the trip, they will be not be allowed to attend HSM trips or retreats indefinitely. 

**If a student commits one of these infractions on the last 24 hours of the trip, they will need to complete 30 hours of community service at Hope before being allowed to sign up for another HSM trip or retreat.

THE REASON YOU HAVE IT DOESN’T MATTER: If you are caught with something on the trip, it does not matter why you have it.  Your reasoning will not affect our measures of discipline. 

SOMEONE IS GOING TO TELL US: If you are doing something wrong, someone is going to tell a staff person.  It is not the person’s fault for telling, it is your fault for the action or behavior. 

REASONABLE SUSPICION: When caught, many students lie.  Because of this, we will act on credible information that we receive.  When people are guilty, it is easy to find multiple agreeing sources. 

GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION: If you are with the group of people who are participating in something against the rules, you are setting yourself up to receive the same consequences for their actions.  Be smart

SUBSTANCE ADDICTION: If you can’t make it one week without a substance while you are on a church trip, there is a chance you are addicted to that substance.  Our staff will encourage treatment for you upon return.

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